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Skypebble swimming pool pebble interiors product range

Endless possibilities only limited by your imagination

The Skypebble® product range comes in three pebble sizes for three distinct finishes: Original Skypebble®, Skysheen® and Pebbleglaze®.

A range of pebble colours which may be combined with glass beads, ceramic chip, and coloured cement create a unique variety of water tones. The actual water colour is produced by the refraction of light as it passes through water reflecting from the pebble surface. As a result the shades deepen with the pool’s depth to give the most natural look possible.


Skypebble swimming pool interior sample

Skypebble® pool finishes deliver natural elegance and long-lasting beauty.

This original pebble finish is made up of naturally polished pebbles creating a slightly bumpy texture with a non-slip surface

Its unique characteristics allow a pool to blend with landscaping and water features creating the most natural environment available.


Skysheen® swimming pool interior sample

Skysheen® pool finishes combine the natural beauty and durability of Skypebble® to create the look of rich granite.

A smaller grade of pebbles than Skypebble® Original offer a finely textured feel and have the look of rich stone.

As with Skypebble® Original and Pebbleglaze®, it's a pool surface that presents the flexible style you need to design a swimming pool that truly reflects your lifestyle.

Shimmering Sea Range

Shimmering Sea Range for Skysheen® swimming pool interior sample

The new Shimmering Sea Range for Skysheen® adds vibrant colours as well as a sparkle to the finish.

The premixed and blended material incorporates the tried and proven Skysheen® material together with some glass beads and the secret Shimmering Sea component that imbues an uplifting sparkle and achieves the most beautiful finish imaginable.


Pebbleglaze® swimming pool interior sample

Pebbleglaze® is Skypebble®'s latest innovation in superior quality pool finishes.

The enduring classic elegance of Pebbleglaze® pool finish combines old world beauty and durability with new world technology to offer a luxurious smooth, durable and affordable interior.

Less than 1mm in size, the Pebbleglaze® pool finish provides an incredibly smooth ultra modern surface.


The Original Pebble Finish

  • Aqua Blue

    Aqua Blue Shimmering Sea Range Skypebble pool finish
  • Caribbean Blue

    New swimming pool with Skypebble Pebblesheen Shimmering Sea Range interior finish
  • Hawaiian Blue

    Hawaiian Blue pebblecrete pool interior by Skypebble
  • Marina Blue

    Marina Blue pebblecrete pool interior by Skypebble
  • Tahitian Jade

    Tahitian Jade pebblecrete pool interior by Skypebble
  • Arctic White

    New swimming pool with Skypebble interior finish
  • Caribbean Blue

    Carribean Blue Skypebble pool finish
  • Ebony

    Ebony pebblecrete pool interior by Skypebble
  • Golden Beach

    Swimming pool with Skypebble Golden Beach interior finish
  • Greystone

    Swimming pool surface Greystone by Skypebble
  • Hawaiian Blue

    Hawaiian Blue pool finish by Skypebble
  • Marina Blue

    Swimming pool with Marina Blue Skypebble interior finish
  • Sandy Beach

    Sandy Beach interior pool finish
  • Tahitian Jade

    Tahitian Jade pool interior by Skypebble
  • Tropical Jade

    New swimming pool with Tropical Jade Skypebble finish

Skypebble® Pool Finishes

Day and Evening Comparisons

Hawaiian Blue PebbleSheen Day Evening Comparison
Marina Blue PebbleSheen Day Evening Comparison
Caribbean Blue PebbleSheen Day Evening Comparison

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