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Resurface your Pool with the very best – Skypebble®

Pool Resurfacing with Skypebble interior finish

It's time to turn your old backyard pool into the resort sanctuary you always envisioned. Conventional pool resurfacing and refinishing limitations are a thing of the past because Skypebble® brand Superior Quality Pool Finishes all have unique, flexible design characteristics that allow a swimming pool surface to blend with landscaping and water features.

Only limited by your Imagination

Pool Resurfacing Waterfeature with Skypebble interior finish

Imagine integrating special features such as boulders, rolled bond beams, or a sloping beach-style entrance. With a superior quality Skypebble® brand pool finish you are investing in a durable, dependable and low-maintenance swimming pool surface. You're also installing the very best – backed by a company renowned for its reputation and customer satisfaction.

Why choose Skypebble for your pool resurfacing?

  • Skypebble is the most durable, dependable and low maintenance pool finish in the world.
  • Choice of three distinct finishes providing endless possibilities of colour and texture.
  • Resurfacing your pool with Skypebble ensures that you will have a durable, slip-resistant surface which is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Flexible design characteristics allowing the swimming pool surface to blend with landscaping and pool features.
  • Skypebble products can be used to resurface any previous concrete pool interior finish.

Skypebble® For Pool Renovations

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Comparison

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Before Picture
Swimming Pool Resurfacing After Picture

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Pool Resurfacing FAQ's

We want to resurface our pool using Skypebble®, can we get a sample first?
Definitely. Just phone or e-mail and we will be happy to help you out with samples.
Is the product suitable for resurfacing a spas?
Certainly Skysheen® or Pebbleglaze® are smooth and excellent for use in spas.
When resurfacing our pool can it be taken right up out of the water around the flat area around the pool?
No it is not recommended for this application.
What swimming pool surfaces can be resurface with Skypebble products?
Skypebble® is recommended for any concrete pool
What is the warranty on your product?
Skypebble is guaranteed suitable for use in lining concrete swimming pools. The application and cement are warranted by the applicator and cement supplier.
Can I get a list of suppliers/applicators in my area?
Certainly, just e-mail or phone us with your location and we will be happy to provide the relevant information.
Can the product go directly over the existing Pebblecrete?
Yes, with proper preparation.
Can you use skypebble on the coping of pools?
No it is not recommended for copings.
I am an owner builder doing my own pool renovation, where can I get Skypebble products and application instructions from?
Application should be only undertaken by experienced and knowledgeable applicators. We don’t recommend that you attempt to apply Skypebble® yourself.

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Skypebble interior finish bags
When Skypebble® is being installed in your pool ensure that the bags are Skypebble® branded bags.