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World's most trusted swimming pool finish

Skypebble® is a beautiful natural pebble with an array of vibrant colours perfect for swimming pool finishes. Skypebble® and its associated brands are used in over 30,000 swimming pools each year around the world. The Skypebble® product range comes in three pebble sizes for three distinct finishes, with endless possibilities of colour and texture.

Skypebble interior pebble pool finish

Skypebble®'s original pebble finish will give your swimming pool a beautiful natural look while providing a durable non-slip surface.

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Skysheen interior pebble pool finish

Skysheen®'s smaller pebble size results in a pool interior which offers a rich granite stone look and fine textured feel.

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Pebbleglaze interior pebble pool finish

Measuring less than 1mm in size, the Pebbleglaze® pool finishes deliver a surface which is incredibly smooth.

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Great pools start with great finishes

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Skypebble® Pool Finishes

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With Skypebble® your only limitation is your imagination

Skypebble® is the pool finish of choice for thousands of new and renovated swimming pools throughout Australia and New Zealand. See the endless possibilities available with Skypebble Original®, Skysheen® and Pebbleglaze™.

Our Story

Skypebble® is a supplier of superior pebble swimming pool interiors, providing product, training and technology for businesses looking to use pebble as a swimming pool finish in their clients pools.

Making the right choice is critical when it comes to your desired pool finish. Choosing well can save you time and money in the years to come. Find out why Pool Owners, Home Builders, Pool Builders and Distributors are choosing Skypebble®.

Start your new Pool with the very best – Skypebble®

Skypebble interior finish brochure

Skypebble®, Skysheen® and Pebbleglaze® superior quality pool finishes represent a standard of excellence by which all others are measured. Once installed our carefully selected materials, when combined with cement, provide an unmatched combination that results in the most durable, dependable and low maintenance quality pool finishes in the world - backed by a brand name you can trust. Skypebble® is wholly Australian owned.
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Skypebble interior finish bags
When Skypebble® is being installed in your pool ensure that the bags are Skypebble® branded bags.